منزل الضيافة


Enjoy a conscious and inspirational building that brings you closer to the world of design, heritage and crafts. Our building is located in the old town of Birzeit and is good for couples, artists, designers and business travelers. In a beautifully renovated historical Palestinian family house two guest rooms are located on the 1st floor. Your stay will support our non profit organization ‘Disarming Design from Palestine’ to sustain itself and invest in design and artisanship.

In this unique building, called ‘Hosh Jalsa’, we host a design gallery with our products, a social café, design hub and library on the ground floor. You are welcome to join our activities.

Additionally to your private guest room, you will have access to the 2 bathrooms, the roof terrace with a wide streetview and the courtyard downstairs that hosts a café, gallery and workspace.

Price per night including support for Disarming Design from Palestine is € 50,– per person.
E-mail us for availability.