Research & Education
الأبحاث والتعليم

Research & Education

With Disarming Design we want to empower the political and emancipatory impact of design and feed educational models to reinforce this. As such we reflect upon the possibilities of creative production in situations of oppression and view design as a strategy for resilience. How can design contribute to a more sustainable society and human-centered economy? How can design practices function as an instrument for social transformation and emancipation?

We work together with designers, artists, coders from different backgrounds, nationalities, ethnographies and levels of experience. What they all have in common is an understanding of the underlying power structures of our cultural production and educational systems. It’s the urge for a more just distribution of voices, and exchange of different knowledge that motivates them to contribute their skills to our schooling models. And not only is this diversity at the root of the project, it is also the nature of our platform; it’s a network to connect people and knowledge in relation to occupied realities and how design can contribute to emancipation.

As such we are:

— Developing an alternative design school in Palestine, deriving from our experiences in Hosh Jalsa

— Starting a masters program on design in suppressed realities at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam

— Doing a PhD research to question the conditions for setting up educational platforms for design in suppressed realities, with a focus on Palestine

— Having an Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching and training between Birzeit Univerisity and Sint Lucas school of Arts Antwerp