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الجديد في مجموعتنا

identitiy = health facemasks

October 2020

Half a decade before the Covid19-pandemic, Gaza-born artist Mohammed Musallam created a face mask based on traditional keffiyeh design.  The mask was first used in Gazan hospitals under siege. At the time of conception, it was impossible to foresee the impact of Covid19; this face mask shows the power of artistic imagination. The artwork did not lose any of its meaning; on the contrary.

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heirloom seeds; new in our collection

31 July 2020

With fertile excitement we  have added seeds from the ‘Palestine Heirloom Seed Library’ to our collection of products. Palestinian heirloom seed varieties are under threat; many have gone extinct. They carry in their genes the stories and the spirits of Palestinian indigenous ancestors, but also options for our future survival as we face erosion of agro-biodiversity worldwide. Founded by Vivien Sansour, the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library seeks to preserve and promote heritage and threatened seed varieties, traditional Palestinian farming practices, and the cultural stories and identities associated with them.

Support the library and seed ancestral narratives with Abu Samara (wheat), Bamyeh Okra (ladies’ fingers), Chard (leafy spinach beet), Molokhia (Jute Mallow), Spinach Sabanikh or Yakteen (gourd).


5 February 2020

We are exited to announce a new masters programme at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam called Disarming Design. It’s a two-years course committed to design practices in situations of oppression with a particular focus on Palestine, starting september 2020. It derives from the long-term collaboration between the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut and the thought provoking design label Disarming Design from Palestine

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20 January 2020

Disarming Design from Palestine and Palestine Creative Hub through Techno Park invites artists, designers and artisans to join a new 2 month workshop on marketing and social media in relation to artistic practices. How to present your work online and reach the right audience? How to show and articulate your practice? Which marketing tools to use? To who and how to sell and distribute your work, locally and internationally? Danish marketing specialist Kathrine Nicolaisen is our next design-resident in Birzeit and will give 8 workshops to improve the online reach of your practice and/or products.

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5 December 2019

For the Prince Claus Awards 2019, Disarming Design from Palestine was invited to design this year’s bags for the awards ceremony. Palestinian designer Qusai Saify to developed the bags, based on the concept he developed together with Jordanian fashion designer Mariam S. Shukri during our create shop in Amman.

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October 2019

A new book is launched with short science fiction stories from Ramallah. The stories compiled in this book were the outcome of a writing workshop series led by Callum Copley at Disarming Design from Palestine in Birzeit. From alien experiments to fortune-tellers and telepathic conspiracies; the stories compiled here represent visions of the West Bank and beyond, reworlding both the local and the interplanetary. Although the contributions in the collection vary in form, length and style, all join a rapidly growing but comparatively small niche of Palestinian science fiction.

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