اقتراب الآفاق


Birzeit, 21–29 august 2019

Disarming Design from Palestine and the Palestinian Museum organise a summer school for Palestinian and international students and young designers. On the basis of the narratives of the exhibition, Intimate Terrains, at the Palestinian Museum, new useful products will be developed in collaboration with local artisans. What does it mean to be Palestinian today, and how to express that through locally made products?

The workshop is meant for students and emerging designers who are interested in developing their artistic practice from a social and political perspective. During this workshop, design is presented as an instrument for dialogue and emancipation with a focus on getting a better understanding of the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine through the perspective of crafts, design and art – and to apply this knowledge to the development of the individual practice.

15 Palestinian and 15 international students and designers will collaborate and learn from the different ways of dealing with design through the conversations that will arise. They will investigate the production process of the artisans and the exhibition at the Palestinian Museum, Intimate Terrains, will offer the starting point for collective discussions and collaborative workshop sessions. In mixed groups of 4 to 5 participants, prototypes for thought provoking and useful products will be developed together with local producers. How can a product embody a story? How to co-create products with local artisans?

The workshop will include tours through different landscapes, crafts industries, and will end with a public presentation of the developed prototypes at the Museum. The aim is that a selection of the items will be taken in production and sold via Disarming Design from Palestine and the giftshop of the Palestinian Museum. All participants will contribute to a final report that will be made to capture the process and ways of learning developed during the summer school.


The Palestinian Museum is an independent institution dedicated to supporting an open and dynamic Palestinian culture nationally and internationally. The Museum presents and engages with new perspectives on Palestinian history, society and culture. It also offers spaces for creative ventures, educational programmes and innovative research. The Museum is a flagship project of Taawon-Welfare Association and one of the most exciting new cultural projects in Palestine.

Intimate Terrains: Representations of a Disappearing Landscape, Exhibition

Guest-curator Dr. Tina Sherwell

The exhibition explores the changing representation of landscape by Palestinian artists, and our relationship to place and location through the themes of erasure, fragmentation, distance and belonging in a spectrum of artworks drawn from the 1930s to the present day. The depiction of landscape over the decades provides us with a prism onto the experience of loss and longing, a prominent subject matter for artists, as its topography holds a central place in Palestinian identity formation. Landscape is at once both a vast site of projection and a deeply layered terrain of remains, memories and histories.

How do artists negotiate and articulate collective and personal memory in relation to representations of landscape? What keeps us in a place? What are the limits of nostalgia? How does exile and different experiences of alienation shape views of the landscape? With our diminishing access to the land, the segregation of communities and the fragmentation and isolation of the terrains, and as the violent confiscation and destruction of the land unfolds, how do our intimate relationships to places manifest around landscape? Yet undeterred by this, what have been and what are our dreams and visions of landscapes of the past and future?


5 Institutes
Disarming Design from Palestine (PS/B), Palestinian Museum, Birzeit (PS), Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp (BE), Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (NL), Lucerne School of art & design (CH)

Organising Team
Annelys de Vet (NL/B, artistic director DDFP), Ghadeer Dajani (PS, design & production manager DDFP), Raed Hamouri (PS, executive director, DDFP), Hana Irshaid (PS, Education Programme Coordinator Palestinian Museum)

Guiding Tutors
Lama Altakruri (PS, Assistant Curator of Intimate Terrains), Areej Ashhab (PS, designer), May Marei (PS, designer), Petra van Brabandt (B, tutor Sint Lucas School of Arts), Catherine Somze (NL/B, tutor Willem de Kooning Academie), Ursula Bachman (CH, tutor Lucerne School of art and design), Francisca Khamis (CL/PS, design resident DDFP)

Riad Kabaji (Hebron), Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Qiddissi/ Tailor Shop (Ramallah), Gazman Printing agency (Ramallah), Jaba Glass, Print Screen Altco, Abu Ahmeed (Rahallah Shoes), Abu Bashar (Carpenter), Samar Abdallah, Samar Style Tailor, Salam Alassi Assi Advertising Makers (lasercutter), Um Al-Qassam, Al-Dibwani (Textile Shop), Abu Ameed, Al-Rahala (Leather Workshop), Stars Fashion, Rumuz Advirtisement, Muthanna (Abu George), Wafa Ashi, Al-Nujoom Fashion, Suhail Saloos, Al-Rahhalah, Emad (Abu Ameed), Micheal F. K. Laser, Zeina Tech’n Design, Ahmed Nassar, Jack Giacaman, Nidal Shaheen, Haya Mohammed Kaabneh

Palestinian participants
Ayham hassan musleh (BZU), Haya Mohammed Kaabneh (Ind.), Kareem khalid khalid (BZU), Khalid Ladadwah (BZU), Lama Aloul (Ind.), Mahran Ismail (Ind.), Mariam yousef ibrahim (Ind.), Michael Jabareen (Ind.), Natalie Najjar (Ind.), Nizar fayez Tellawi (Ind.), Salem Tareq Shoubaki (Ind.), Samar & Aya Kirresh (Ind.), Shireen Salman (Ind.), Tala Zuhair Abdalhadi (BZU), Dana Idris (BZU)

International participants
Andreas Drosdz (WDK), Annie Jana Kahri (HSLU), Elisabeth Nold Schwartz (HSLU), Felix Stöckle (HSLU), Gilani Raja (SLA), Ignace Cami (SLA), Iman Benyecif K. (SLA), Jermaine Faustin (WDK), Jürgen Buchingner (HSLU), Lisette Keyser (WDK), Robin Cuppens (WDK), Sara Greet Gilis (SLA), Silke Groffy (SLA), Zaide Kutay (HSLU)