Unveiled souls
أرواح مكشوفة

Origami-folded cotton bag, revealing hidden beauty

Behind the folds of this handmade bag, beauty unveils itself. Underneath the corners you find colourful embroidery. The shapes are based on villagers patterns and represent displaced memories that are stitched together with dedication. The cotton bag is created and inspired by the stories of the artisans from Palestine, especially those who are living in refugee camps outside their home place. They long for recognition and dream of a life outside the camps.

The more time we spend together, and listen, the more stories are unveiled, uncovering the grace of dignity.

Acknowledgements to Mariam S. Shukri (JO), with who the original concept for this bag was developed during the design-workshop at Gaza Camp in Jerash (JO) in 2017, see the report of this workshop.

December 2019 a new design was made on the occasion of the Prince Claus Awards for the guests of the ceremony; see ‘Prince Claus Awards Ceremony’.


  • Materials: Cotton (unbleached, from Hebron)

    Embroidery: colored ropes, selected by the women

    Size: 26 x 33 cm

    Design: 2019