Relax (hardly) pillow
وسادة الإسترخاء بصعوبة

A seemingly comfortable neck pillow filled with stones

Many Palestinians cannot travel easily due to the restrictions of Israeli-imposed checkpoints and borders, and when they do, it is a stressful experience riddled with hindrances. This apparently comfortable and relaxing neck pillow speaks of this experience and is, in fact, uncomfortably heavy on your shoulders. It embodies the saying “To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders”. On the pillow you will find a label that says “Trouh o terja bel salameh”, which means “Go and come back safely”.

On Western products, slogans such as ‘Bon voyage’, ‘Have a good trip’ or ‘Goede reis’ are often found. The Arabic saying reminds you to take care on your return as well.

The pillow is sold without the stone filling

  • Diala Isid (PS)

    Diala Isid is a Palestinian architect from Bethlehem, based in Ramallah.

  • Mirte Van Duppen (NL)

    Mirte van Duppen is a Dutch designer, researcher and visual artist. She studied Graphic Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (BA Design) and graduated from the Design Department, alias Think Tank for Visual Strategies, of the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam (MA Design). In her work she analyses the function, interrelations and transformative powers of urban landscapes and the human interaction with these landscapes. With her intuitive and at the same time really precise way of documenting she shows, reveals and evokes something from the viewer. Through direct interaction with these landscapes, and their underlying (un)-written rules, functions, history, and their users, she explores the terrain between fieldwork and storytelling.

  • 2014

    Bedouin fabric (made in Syria)