Gaza earrings ‘Love for life’
أقراط غزة "نُحِبُّ الحياة"

Earrings with a poem by Mahmoud Darwich

These silver earrings are inspired by the Palestinian poem line “We love life whenever we can” by Mahmoud Darwish. In relation to Gaza, where Ibrahim Muhtadi lives, this line expresses sharply how he feels, frustrated and limited by the Israeli occupation, yet eager to live a most normal and joyful life.

Each earring is fully hand-made with Arabic typography hand-cut out of a flat piece of silver (no CNC-machine is involved).

Left: We love life…
Right: Whenever we can…

ونَحْنُ نُحِبُّ الحَياةَ إذا ما اسْتَطَعْنا إليْها سَبيلا

Design and handcraft by Ibrahim Muhtadi (Gaza, PS) from Hilya Collection.


  • Ibrahim Muhtadi (PS)

    Ibrahim Muhtadi is a Palestinian architect living in Gaza. Being an architect has given him the opportunity to both observe and practice the principles of art and design, and leading naturally to the pursuit of design work outside architecture. He has many interests in the home accessories design, Arabic calligraphy design, graphic design and jewelry design. Muhtadi inspired by the authenticity and the beauty of the Arabic Calligraphy. His talent and passion for creative expression has led him to shift his design skills from the sketches on the paper to the unique and original pieces of jewellery and arts.

  • 2015

    100% Silver

    3 x 4,5 cm