Leaf behind ring
خاتم "أترُك خَلفك"

Unique silver olive leaf ring

The leaves on this silver ring are an exact reproduction of olive tree leaves picked in the maker’s own garden. The production of this unique piece of jewellery starts with making a plaster cast of the leaves and burning them out afterwards. The remaining hole is then filled with silver and the plaster removed. What is left are exceptional unique silver copies of these precious leaves from the olive tree.

“We love our olive trees. When we stand on the ground with their roots under our feet, we feel each other. Our roots hold strong and silently in the earth. No one will move us. Our trees are like our children. I couldn’t live without them. I eat the olives, the oil. The seeds become beads. The wood heats my house. And now the leaves spread this story.”
— Sawsan Rishmawi and Tessel Brühl


  • Nadira Al Araj (PS)

    Designer Nadira Alaraj and the Kattan family silversmiths do incredible work in Bethlehem. The silver zaytouna jewelry features handcrafted olive leaves from sterling silver. Designers pick the olive leaves and cast them to create unique molds. Every single silver leaf is individually formed from a mold that is only used once, rendering unique, one-of-a-kind leaves.

  • 100% Silver