Everywhere Palestine
فلسطين في كلّ مكان

Palestinian panoramas captured on a silk scarf

These pictures might seem to be only houses, trees and stones, but for photographer Tariq Salsa, they are his dreams of being able to stay in Palestine. He has only been able to enter most places in historic Palestine with the permission of the occupiers: “I felt confused, between humiliation and joy, but despite the pain, I keep on visiting my land.” Stopping at checkpoints, Tariq passed the settlements and saw some of the despoiled houses. He saw children in refugee camps, where similar stories to his own were being lived. He smelled the smells and touched the pain of his native land.

This developing series of silk scarfs depict Tariq’s panoramic photos of the urban landscapes, beginning with Beit Sahour where the photographer is based.


  • 100% Silk

    41 x 160 cm