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Collaborative projects
مشاريع تشاركيّة

Ramallah, Create-shop 2014
ورشة التصميم ٢٠١٤

Create-shop 2014
Ramallah, Bethlehem, 21 October – 7 November 2014
In the autumn of 2014 the third create shop was held with Palestinian artists and designers, and 5 visiting master-students from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. They exchanged and collaborated with local producers to develop new products that spoke about their Palestine.

The workshop intended to provide both educational aspects in regards to design, in addition to providing space and collaboration for creativity and innovation. The discussions between designers themselves gave the opportunity to understand and learn about different views and ideas in regards to design and ways of living. The ability to bring together international and local designers contributed to unique perspectives, whereby DDFP became a hub for creative vitality. Moreover, the visits to different locations, and more specifically artisans and craftsmen in Palestinian cities, allowed the designers to interact with them in a manner that sponsored innovation. The designers were introduced to the unique processes that artisans work in, and developed their designs accordingly. The atmosphere that each city provided and the knowledge about the cities, created space for artists to link their designs with local histories.

Video diary
by Ali Aldeek


Cultural Impact and presentation
The interactions between the Palestinian and international participants provided an atmosphere for intercultural exchanges. In order for participants to come up with designs they needed to understand the context, where the European designers offered an observer perspective. This process allowed the international designers to better understand Palestinian culture in ways that they might not have experienced in the past. Palestinian designers were also able to see the design perspectives in observer eyes through the international participants, as well as understanding the references that each international participant came with. The uniqueness of the products generated during this create-shop unveils the designer’s interpretations of these realities. They represented the Palestinian culture with an artistic twist, whereby each product carries a strong cultural message with a personal sentiment.


Developed prototypes during this create-shop

Hosting institute:
International Academy of Arts, Palestine


Bethlehem Fairtrade Artisans

Organisational team:
Sami Khaldi, Annelys de Vet


Participating artists and designers:
Polina Medvedeva , Wafa Meri, Asem Naser, Yehya Nofal, Helen Underhill, David Juan Ortiz, Awatef Romyeh, Isaura San, Vivien Sansour, Mamoun Shrietch, Lama Takruri, Abdullah, Shayma Albess, Amer Amin, Ayed Arafah, Qais Assali, Lina Bani Odeh, Mahdi Barghouthi, Gilles de Brock, Ali Al Deek, Mirte van Duppen, Diala Isid


External critics:
Suleiman Mansour, Nabil Anani


Collaborating artisans:
Marwan Twam (Hezmah), Hanni Awad (Beit Jala), Hebron Glass and Ceramic Factory, Al Arja textile factory (Beit Jala), Ma’an lil Hayat (Beit Sahour), Oasis (Bethlehem), Iyad Sway (Beit Jala), Majed Abu Farha (Beit Sahour), Faraj Kasbary (Bethlehem), Roots embroidery (Ramallah), Flagstone factory Jalal Aslan (Nablus), Metal Workshop (Beunya), Gasman Advertising (Ramallah), Abu Jack (Beit Jala), Jerusalem Ceramics (Jerusalem), Hirbawi Textile Factory (Hebron), Star Fashion (Ramallah)



Products in our collection rooted in this create-shop