Heirloom Seeds

Palestinian Heritage seeds

Like most farmers around the world, Palestinian farmers are facing the dangers of agribusiness, corporate seeds and land dominance. More- over Palestinians endure harsh political conditions imposed by the Israeli military occupation that aims to transform Palestinian growers from independent producers to day laborers in an attempt to eliminate Palestinians sovereignty over their food. Palestinian heirloom seed varieties are under threat, many have gone extinct due to these policies. These seeds that have been passed down to us from generation to generation over the centuries carry in their genes the stories and the spirits of the Palestinian indigenous ancestors. They deserve to be saved and propagated. This is why Vivien Sansour is collecting these heirloom seeds for you, to ensure they continue to bloom and spread their beautiful fruits and stories.


  • Vivien Sansour (PS)

    Vivien Sansour is a life style writer, producer, and photographer. She has been capturing the stories of Palestinian farmers for the wider world. Trained in the field of Anthropology Vivien worked with farmers in Honduras, Uruguay, and Palestine on issues relating to agriculture and independence. In the last three years while living with Producer communities in the Northern West Bank villages she created a series of producer and village profiles published in her book, “Insisting on Life: A Community at Work” which was developed for Canaan Fair Trade. In these 36 profiles of people and communities she wrote about agricultural practices and how they relate to cultural traditions providing an ethnographic overview of rural life in Palestine. She has produced several short films and one feature film, “The People and the Olive” which received high acclaim from critics including the Boston Globe’s Loren King who called the film, “An inspirational thriller.” The People and The Olive was the official selection for several film festivals including, Chicago International Social Change film festival and the Unspoken Human Rights film festival.


  • Teresa Palmieri (IT)

    Teresa is an Italian Social designer currently working as designer and marketing coordinator at Disarming Design.


  • Ayed Arafeh (PS)

    Ayed Arafah was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Dheisheh refugee camp. Nowadays, he works and lives in Ramallah. He has a BA degree in contemporary visual art from The International Academy of Art and a BA in social work from Al Quds Open University. Combining classic and contemporary media, he explores the conceptual image that aims to motivate a better understanding about the self (my self and others) in relation with society’s issues related to politics, culture and economics. His aim is to engage with different levels of society.


  • 100% Palestinian heritage seeds

    20 seeds per package


    3 x 4,5 cm


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