Double-sided wooden maze game in the shape of two Arabic words for ‘dream’ and ‘reality’

The strength and hopes of young people to get an education and pursue their dreams outside of the refugee camp are constricted as there are harsh restrictions which it is hard to submit to. As you play this maze game, you become the student determined to strive for a future and escape reality to go in search of your dream, while also experiencing for yourself the continuing limitations imposed by the realities.


  • Nour Nsheiwat (JO)

    Nour Nshweiat is the founder and designer of N Products, with 10 years of experience in home furnishing and product design. N Products are recycling abandoned items into home furniture and useful products. ‘Products with stories’ is the slogan of N products.

  • Rebekka Fries (NL)

    As a designer and researcher Rebekka Fries monitors and frames, disconnected world views produced by mass and social media. Recently graduated with a Master in Design: Visual Strategies at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and currently based in Rotterdam.

  • 2017

    Wood, glass, metal ball

    14,6 x 11


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