Barcelona or Madrid? No, Palestine!
برشلونة او مدريد؟ لا، فلسطين!

Collection of Palestine national football team cards

What is your favourite football club? Barcelona or Real Madrid? Talking about Palestinian football is rare, although there is a national team. The Palestine national team was first recognised by the FIFA in 1998, following the creation of the Palestinian Authorities after the Oslo Accords. Through this move, players should, in theory, have been able to travel internationally, but the reality of the Israeli occupation has proven otherwise. The Palestine national team did not have the chance to develop in the international football scene, as players were not permitted to travel and participate in games, thus restricting the team from playing internationally.

This collection of cards represents the national team of Palestine. Illustrating the political situation of the players on the one hand, it also shows the increasing popularity of the team, and extends the FIFA card game to the Palestinian team. The cards become a potential part of an exchange all over the world.


  • Birte Veenkamp (NL)

    BirteVeenkamp is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam, currently enrolled in the Think Tank for Visual Strategies master program of the Sandberg Institute.

  • Hein van Duppen (NL)

    Hein van Duppen is a Dutch designer currently enrolled in the Studio for Immediate space master program at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. His work explores the intersections of design, architecture and urban planning.

  • 2015

    Laminated printed paper 120 gr.

    7 x 10 cm