Awakening goggles
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Awakening goggles
قناع الصحوة

Sleeping mask embroidered with the eyes of the artisans

On flights, many people use eyemasks to block out the light so they can doze. The dark allows for a deeper state of sleep. This eyemask is hand-embroidered by women working at the Open Studio of the Red Crescent Hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza. The women depict their own eyes on these masks, allowing them to see beyond the walls of the Gaza Strip, under siege since 2007.

These Awakening goggles are designed to symbolically envision Palestinian women travelling around the world, while catalysing a broader, more open view and preventing people from covering their own eyes when it comes to the occupation of Palestine. 


  • Tessel Brühl (NL)

    Tessel Brühl is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam, where she attended the master in Think Tank for visual Strategies at the Sandberg Instituut (Master Rietveld Academie). She makes clothing, objects, performances and short films to change, disturb and highlight unconscious structures in society. OLIVE TREE I love trees; I love my olive trees; my trees; have feelings; when I stand; on the ground; with their roots; under my feet we feel each other our roots hold strong and silently in the earth no one will move us my trees are one three and eight years old my trees are like my children I couldn’t live without them I eat the olives the oil the seeds become beads the wood heats my house and the leaves spread this story

  • Open Studio (PS)

    The Open Studio is a center in Khan Younis where knowledge and know-how are exchanged. Khan Younis is a small town in Gaza with a large refugee camp that has existed for over 60 years and is still growing. It is an Islamic Arab culture that has been cut-off from the outside world; the largest prison on earth. If the political situation allows, artists from abroad visit the Open Studio to participate and teach.

  • 2013

    Embroidery on textile

    19 x 6,5 cm