Cactus Fruit Candle

Wax candle from Gaza

In Arabic, the word for ‘cactus’ also means ‘patience’. This candle is in the shape of the cactus fruit, which is widely available in Gaza. It represents how the Gazan people need more patience at this time in their lives.


  • Mohammed Musallam (PS)

    Mohammed Musallam was born in Gaza in 1974 after his family had been dislocated from the historic Palestine as a consequent of the 1948 war. He holds a PhD in philosophy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Fine Arts College, Minia University, Egypt. He currently resides in Gaza and works there as a lecturer of “Painting and the History of Palestinian Arts” at the College of Arts, Al Aqsa University. From his first steps as a university student he became greatly influenced by the abstract art processes and approaches. In his Art, he focuses on portraying a range of humanistic issues, which go beyond the limitations imposed by any prevailing time-related matters, which may be oppressive and persistent simultaneously. At the same time, he concentrates on conveying the notion of the preservation of our humaneness amid the harshness of our environment as one of the most important reasons for our existence.

  • Made in Gaza



    4 x 7 cm


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