The land of milk and honey
أرض الحليب والعسل

Honey from the Land of Milk and Honey

Beekeeper Montaser Saad used to move his hives (transhumance) three times a year, from the lower Jordan Valley in early spring, where the first flowers would bloom, later to the hillsides and finally to the Ramallah region for the summer. The bees would collect nectar throughout the seasons and each hive provided 20–25 kg of honey per year. Today, the Israeli occupation and its checkpoints make it impossible for beekeepers to move around with their hives, so they stay in one place.

During the Second Intifada, most of the roads were blocked and Montaser Saad couldn’t visit his hives for more than six months. As a result, the majority of his colonies did not survive. Since then, he has only four to five colonies left. Now, his best harvest is about 5 kg of honey per hive per year. Contradictorily, in the Land of milk and honey, honey has become a scarce delicacy.

  • Rudy Luijters (NL)

    Rudy J. Luijters is a Dutch artist and beekeeper living and working in Brussels and Gouvy, Belgium. His work consistently attests to a strongly analytical (phenomenological) and conceptual approach. Research into cultural signs in the broadest sense of the word is an essential part of his work and also its goal at times.

  • Label: Rudy Luijters (NL)

    100% organic honey

    500 g.


    12 x Ø 3 cm