Checkpoint Bag

Leather bag with multiple pockets carrying a hidden message

This bag narrates the struggle thousands of Palestinians go through daily. It reveals the checkpoint systems that are purposely designed to make the experience as annoying as possible. The bag doesn’t simply adapt to and give up control to the system, it challenges it by empowering the person who carries it. Waiting in long lines, cramped spaces and pushing between the crowds becomes a smoother experience with the extra cushioned back. A horizontal line of pockets allows for easily accessible additional compartments. The Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint will see a hidden pattern: ‘right of return’ keys (haqq al-awda), only visible under the x-ray machines. The bag becomes a symbol full of meaning, claiming the right to freedom of movement, and return to the homeland.


  • Areej Ashhab (PS)

    Areej is an artist and designer based in Jerusalem, currently studying at Bezel Academy of Art and Design. “Actually I think that Palestinians are always afraid of doing things they think they are forbidden to do. They think they are forbidden of most of the things, as a state of mind, then it comes out that actually nobody cares. This is something that we as Palestinians must change in our mindset. You can’t live being always scared and nervous. We have to start to make things, being confident about ourselves, our projects and desires.”

  • Monika Grütze (LV)

    Monika is a Latvian designer based is Amsterdam currently studying at the Think Tank for Visual Strategies master program of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

  • 2015

    Palestinian cow leather

    37 x 28 cm


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