Marketing workshop
ورشة التسويق

Marketing workshop for artists and designers

January – February 2020

Disarming Design from Palestine and Palestine Creative Hub through Techno Park invited artists, designers and artisans to join a 2 month workshop on marketing and social media in relation to artistic practices. How to present your work online and reach the right audience? How to show and articulate your practice? Which marketing tools to use? To who and how to sell and distribute your work, locally and internationally? Danish marketing specialist Kathrine Nicolaisen was our respected design-resident in Birzeit and gave 8 workshops to improve the online reach of your practice and/or products. 



The workshops aimed to combine theory-based knowledge and industry examples with one-on-one tutorials, allowing participants to apply the techniques and practices in a way that truly suits their needs.

Four key topics were covered throughout the workshops: establishing a digital presence, the value of social media, strategic content creation & PR, and collaboration & co-creation. Each topic was broken down into smaller segments covering affordable marketing channels such as social media, branding, partnerships and PR, and how to effectively use them.

The sessions deepdived on the necessity of having a strong social media presence, and elaborate on dos and dont’s and general good practices. Furthermore they explored to which extent social media has replaced a traditional digital portfolio, blog and website, and their function as attractor of clients, projects and potential employers.

They also investigated how artists and designers reach their audience and attract new buyers through content creation any by telling meaningful stories, focusing on themselves, their products, but also utilizing their immediate surroundings, local community, stories of life living under occupation, and other semantics fitting into their narrative.

Lastly, the sessions explored the value of partnerships ranging from commercial opportunities derived from strategic business partnerships, to maximizing reach through collaborating with fellow designers and artists to gaining momentum and building a credible voice in the industry through participating in competitions and winning awards.


The workshop was open for designers, artists or artisans who would liked to improve their online presentation of their work, practice or products, and were selected based on their motivation and portfolio.


Kathrine Nicolaisen (DK) is a digital marketing specialist, who during her residency at DDFP, will co-create a series of 8 workshops in collaboration with participants focusing on best practices and marketing techniques, enabling designers and artists to build, improve and / increase their online presence and reach their goals.


Hours: group classes every Saturday 2–6 pm.
Individual sessions: Wednesday & Thursday 3 – 6pm
Participation fee: 200 NIS for all sessions
This course was held in English.
Event Location: Techno Park, Birzeit.
Maximum Capacity: 15 people